10 Surprising Rewards of Solar Panels for Homeowners

//10 Surprising Rewards of Solar Panels for Homeowners

10 Surprising Rewards of Solar Panels for Homeowners

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Solar power is the cleanest form of energy and it comes with a number of great benefits to the homeowners in many different ways. Their popularity is gaining ground in New York and New Jersey as more and more residential owners shift their attention from other forms of energy to solar power. This new trend has been brought about by the presence of reputable companies that deal with solar panel installation in residential and business premises.

What are the Characteristics of Solar Panels?

  • Solar panels are known to work well as renewable energy. This due to the fact that their source of energy is from the sun and cannot be depleted any time soon.
  • The panels need minimal maintenance hence the need for you to have them installed in your home. If taken good care of, solar panels can last up to 30 years.
  • Even though they are a bit costly at the time of installation, solar energy enables the homeowner to save a lot of money from monthly electric bills. In other words, the homeowner is likely to recover all the expenses involved in purchasing and installation of the panels over an extended period of time.

Given that many people are turning to solar for their daily use, this move contributes to the preservation of the environment through the use of green energy.
According to SolarAmerica.org, solar panels come with a number of benefits to the homeowners. As such, any homeowner looking to make a lifetime investment in the green energy should consider installing solar panels.

What are the advantages of using solar panels?

1. It is cheaper

Solar panels are readily affordable and cheaper to install compared to other conventional power supply systems. Besides, the panels have been designed with the capacity to generate energy for nearly thirty years under good care and maintenance.

2. Solar panels can help in saving on monthly energy consumption costs

After purchasing and installing solar power, families can significantly lower their monthly energy bills. This means that as the families keep on using solar energy, they stand to save money on energy consumption progressively. An average sized photovoltaic solar system can offset almost 70 percent of the total electric energy used in homes.

This is good news for homeowners in the US and elsewhere given that they will have 70 percent off their monthly expenses on electric power bills.

For example, if one family is spending around $200 every month on energy bills, the same family is likely to save approximately $2,400 per year with all other factors remaining constant. But with the ever-increasing energy rates of between 2 and 3 percent, the situation could be a little different. With such rates, the family can potentially save over $35,000 in a couple of decades.

Lately, quite a number of families are waking up to the reality that the solar panels can really save them a substantial amount of money through net metering. The net metering comes in where the homeowner releases the excess solar energy into the grid for other consumers. As such, the electrical companies will come in and pay retail rates to those homeowners who supply their excess solar energy into the local grid.

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3. Solar energy installation increases the value of a home

Just like adding some hardwood floors to the living room, so is the installation of solar panels on a house. The installation, in this case, is likely to increase the value of a home by a certain percentage compared to its previous value. Unlike the normal upgrades on the house, solar panels remain unchanged in their installation styles but they help homeowners to save on their monthly bills.

As the electricity rates keep on soaring, solar power remains the ultimate solution to a majority of potential homeowners. According to the current changes, the value of homes increases by an average of $20 for each $1 reduced on annual electricity bills. This implies that the installation of solar panels on a residential property could save the homeowner a lump sum in the annual energy costs. The same solar power system can add almost $30,000 of value to the residential property in the shortest time possible.

On the other hand, the solar rebates including the incentives from the state and federal property tax section enable the majority of the homeowners to acquire solar systems easily. The buyers can pay on their own through the utility savings for a period of between five and ten years. With that payment period, the value of a home increases and this is pure profit to the residential property owner.

4. Solar panels are an indication of a brighter future

Solar power systems have been introduced to set property owners in New Jersey and New York financially free. It means that they can avoid being exploited by energy companies which are known for constantly increasing electric rates from time to time. In addition to that, the company’s green technology contributes positively to the preservation of the environment throughout the region.

5. There are no more worries about the energy bills with the use of solar panels

The main reason the majority of the homeowners across the globe turn to solar energy is that they can do away with the usual monthly energy bills. As a result, their economic situation can improve significantly as they adapt to the use of solar power in their homes. At the same time, there is no limitation when it comes to using the same solar energy to power different appliances due to the fact that there will be no bills on energy consumption.

6. Solar energy is environmentally friendly

To go solar means something else and many governments are turning to this green energy to save the planet. Solar energy is harmless to the environment and this is why it has become popular all over the world. Above all, it is a clean and renewable source of energy that is increasingly replacing other sources of energy in most parts of the world.

7. Sustainable development

Use of solar power as an alternative to other sources of energy in the homes minimizes pollution as well as the creation of the greenhouse effect. To add on that, solar energy is not a pollutant but contributes largely to sustainable development whereby areas not reached by power lines can benefit more from using this green energy unlike in the previous years.

8. Prevents noise pollution

Installation and use of solar panels to generate power do not cause noise pollution unlike other types of renewable power sources such as hydraulic or wind energy.

9. Solar power helps in conserving the environment

Solar energy seems to be the safest source of energy for homeowners and the environment over an extended period of their use. It does not produce harmful substances in the environment thus making it a clean source of renewable and sustainable energy.

10. Solar energy inexhaustible

The fact that the sun is there to stay, it means that the solar energy, which is harnessed from the sun, will always be sustainable. Most importantly, it is a renewable source of energy that can serve many people from all corners of the world.

What are the disadvantages of the solar panels?

One of the major setbacks of using solar energy is its inability to generate power when there is no sunshine, especially at night. Another disadvantage is the cost of solar panels at the time of installation.

How do you maintain solar panels?

First of all, you need to keep the panels clean for maximum penetration of sunlight in order to generate more energy. A dirty solar panel can limit absorption of light energy from the sun by 15 or 30 percent and in this way, they can become inefficient. Cleaning involves the use of water and soap to get rid of dirt from their surfaces. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the panels once per year for maximum generation of solar energy for your home.

The cost of maintenance of solar panels

The cost of maintaining solar panels depends largely on size, their location and the type of installation. Regular maintenance is a sure way of using the solar power system for a long period of time. Cleaning and of course, revising the panels on a weekly basis ensures a smooth operation of the entire system which can save you a whopping $5,000 you would spend on replacing the panels.

Also, the cost to maintain a solar panel depends on your maintenance skills. If you choose to do it on your own, you will save on what you would have spent hiring an expert to perform that task. Mostly, large sums of money are channeled through the purchase and installation of the solar panels but after a while, the same amount or more can be recovered within the shortest time possible.


Turning to solar energy means saving the environment as well as improving your financial status. That is the main reason governments and organization are advocating for the use of solar energy as a form of a clean, affordable, renewable and sustainable source of power for residential owners. Going solar is a better option if you want to save on energy bills while keeping your environment safe and sustainable for future generations.

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