Residential Solar Electricity – What are the Benefits?

//Residential Solar Electricity – What are the Benefits?

Residential Solar Electricity – What are the Benefits?

Solar Energy Benefits

Solar Energy Benefits

Solar energy is a form of sustainable, renewable and readily available energy. A number of Americans are going solar simply because it is a cheaper way of generating electricity. At the moment, there are more than one million solar installations in the entire country. So, what are the benefits of switching to solar energy?

Saving Energy Costs

Reduced monthly utility bills and financial returns are the major concerns for going solar. And the following will determine the exact savings one can make from using solar energy:

  • Electricity consumption
    ● The size of the solar energy system
    ● The amount of direct sunlight
    ● The nature of your roof
    ● The prevailing local electricity rates

Going solar provides a better platform for anyone looking to reduce monthly energy bills significantly while making a long term, high return, and low-risk investment.

Increases the value of homes

Solar Panel Benefits

Solar panels in homes are regarded as upgrades just like a finished basement or renovated kitchen. According to studies, homeowners are likely to pay a premium for a given solar home. On the average, solar energy increased home values by more then the system cost, according to Lawrence Berkeley, at National Laboratory. But there are additional factors such as electricity rates and the size of the system which might have a great impact on the premium.

Solar Energy Works Everywhere

The source of solar energy in the US is quite enormous. This means an hour of sunshine in the noontime summer is equivalent to the electricity demand in the US for a whole year. Going solar in New York means that three entities team up to give you money to go solar. The federal government, New York State, and NYSERDA combined help pay for more then half the system in most cases, provided certain criteria is met.

Solar Energy is Environmentally Friendly

It is estimated that for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of generated energy from solar will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases substantially. Gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants like nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides as well as the particulate matter will be the thing of the past.

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