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Protection From

  • Power Outages
  • Relocation Costs
  • Food Replacement

A Better Cleaner Choice

  • No more noise
  • No more fumes
  • No wondering if it will start

A Better Cleaner Choice

  • No more noise
  • No more fumes
  • No wondering if it will start


Keep Your Business Up and Running During Power Outages


Keep Crucial Systems Running

Point of Sale

Computers and Servers


Or Any Specific Vital Equipment

No Money Down Financing

Commercial Battery Systems

Control you need to manage energy costs in a way that benefit your specific business.

Peak Shaving

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Demand Minimization

Smart Demand Minimization by NY Power Solutions uses a powerful software solution coupled with a battery storage to strategically smooth out peaks in demand. The software constantly monitors consumption and looks for demand spikes, as well as periods of high demand. When this occurs, the batteries are instantly deployed to supply power to the building and minimize demand charges. The batteries will recharge during periods of low demand saving your business a significant amount of money.

Energy Backup

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  • Keep your business up and running during power outages for days not minutes
  • Protect: POS, Computers, Servers, Phones & Business specific vital equipment

Load Shifting

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Restructuring the times you use certain equipment and systems by incorporating batteries to lower peak demand.

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Verified Google Reviews

My family and I decided to start 2018 off green and get home solar panels. We did a lot of research to find the best price for solar panels in Putnam County, but we also wanted a reliable company who had skill and experience. That is how we stumbled upon New York Power Solutions. During our first conversation, the staff at NY Power Solutions was extremely helpful and did a great job clearly explaining how the installation would work. From the beginning of the installation process, they were always on time, professional and super friendly! We highly recommend New York Power Solutions for all your solar panel needs and questions.


Easy to work with, great consultation, great advice. Solar is definitely the way to go.


Had a wonderful experience with New York Power Solutions. They installed all my solar panels very professionally and at a very reasonable price. I’ve certainly seen the saving on my electricity bill since they’ve finished. I will absolutely be recommending them to my family/friends in the future!


After spending 9 months researching solar panel companies in Westchester, I could not be happier going solar with NY Power Solutions. The experience from start to finish was nothing but professional. The timeline to complete the entire system was actually faster than what was planned. All the Project Managers were truly experts and always there to answer all of my (many) questions. Now that installation process has been completed, I’m already seeing the results on my electric bill. We are saving an average of $2,400 a year.

10/10 would recommend service to anyone who is looking to go green while saving some green!

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I live in Putnam County and when my wife and I started the process of gathering information about solar panel cost and solar panel installation we contacted many solar companies in the area. New York Power Solutions had by far the best solar panel prices for our home. I felt like everyone I spoked to at New York Power Solutions had my best interests in mind. They answered all my questions regarding the solar panels, installation, how much I was going to save, etc. They were extremely helpful in everything. The solar panel installation went smoothly from start to finish and I am very happy with the end product. If you are in the market for solar panels, give this company a call.